Friday, February 28, 2020

Unforgettable Place Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unforgettable Place - Essay Example Add to that, the cattle that reside on it are also one of the reasons why I frequent my father’s farm every now and then. Since I am young, being 22 years of age at present, my father has not given me the permission to call the shots as far as managing his farm is concerned. However I am sure that seeing my excitement at reaching his farm and with involvement that comes quite naturally to me, he will ask me one day to take over the reigns of the farm. This farm is unique because it has a number of trees within it. There is also a small house that my father has built so that we can spend the night over and enjoy the cool breeze that sweeps across the farm. I absolutely cherish the idea of spending nights at the farm because it is indeed one of my favorite pastimes. My happiness knows no bounds when my friends are given the permission to spend time with my family on my father’s farm. It is like a nightly picnic that my father allows once every 4 months or so. This unforgettable place however has its limitations as well. There is electricity but it keeps coming back and forth. Then there is the issue of a lot of mosquitoes which attack the individuals who are sleeping at night inside. Often times, with the permission of my father, I have spent a good amount of the night on the roof top of the house built on one side of the farm. But more often than not, we had to call it quits because the mosquitoes had a better army to destroy our fun and enjoyment. This farm is indeed very special and important for me. The biggest reason is that it is ours and no one can claim it to be theirs. Moreover, I have spent some of the best moments of my life at my father’s farm, thus making it an automatic choice to become the favorite place to be at any point in time. I have often dreamt of being at my father’s farm during the night and have told my father about what I saw. He appreciates my love for the farm yet disallows me from visiting it regularly. He believes

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