Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Altruists attract and origins of mating behavior Essay

In the experiment study altruists attract researchers concluded that people tend to corporate with the more attractive members of the opposite sex. Besides, as more one member of opposite sex is showing corporation, the more attractive it may seem to other member of the opposite sex. No doubt, altruistic behavior is beneficial in both genders which are in the long-term relationships because they share the same resources or care about their children. Research shows that people who are corporative are viewed by others as more attractive and kind and these are the values which people count for when are looking for mating partners. For example, males tend to give more money to women beggars than to the same sex beggars-males. Second article talked about origins of mating and how people choose partners when it comes to mating. Charles Darwin was the first who proposed the theory of sexual selection, emphasizing that mating behavior can be explained by evolutionary change; preferences for a mate and competition for a mate. Humans never choose mating partners just by coincidence; they tend to use strategies in order to find the most appropriate mate. Also, our ancestors used strategies for mating, they chose to mate with the opposite sex members who were reproductive in order to pass on genes to the next generations. For instance, females choose their mates who are economically independent, who will take care of them and their children, and who would devote their time to family. These both strategies can be both referred to our ancestors and our time scale. Author of this article compare women with weaverbirds which also prefer man with rich and fruitful â€Å"nests†. However, the most difficult decisions for humans in selecting a mate is to distinguish and indentify what kind of relationship are they looking for; short term or long term relationship. Even when it comes to animal mating, the stronger and larger ones are the more chances in finding an appropriate mate. Therefore, the weaker ones ten to fail in finding a mate and they become extinct. No doubt, keeping a mate is another important thing for the people who are seeking a long term relationship. Some people tend to be by nature more jealous than others. Therefore, sexual jealously can elicit either vigilance or cause violence between couples. Finally, it is not in human nature to date just with one person for an entire lifetime. Humans often brake up or split with other member of sex, due to the conflicts such as one may feel unsatisfy being in a particular relationship, cheating or other reasons. All over the world humans are failing for the divorce. It is not only seen in Western world. When people brake up or split they tend to enter again the mating market. But reentering again and starting everything from new can cause other problems. For example, women having children from previous relationship may have difficulty to finding a new mate. Besides, ages plays a big role in finding a mate.

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