Friday, January 31, 2020

Lenove Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Lenove - Research Paper Example & ESTIMATES - LENOVO GROUP LTD (992) 28 Quarterly Earnings for Lenovo Group Limited 29 ANNUAL EARNINGS & ESTIMATES - LENOVO GROUP LTD (992) 29 Annual Earnings for Lenovo Group Limited's 29 QUARTERLY REVENUES - LENOVO GROUP LTD (992) 29 Quarterly Revenues Lenovo Group Limited's 30 ANNUAL REVENUES - LENOVO GROUP LTD (992) 30 Annual Revenues for Lenovo Group Limited 30 CONCLUSION 31 LENOVO GROUP LIMITED PART A- CURRENT SITUATION ANALYSIS INTRODUCTION Lenovo Group Limited is a renowned name in the manufacturing of computer hardware products. This report will focus on the complete analysis of the company including the complete competitive edge which it has in the market. This report will also debate on the current strategic direction on which the company has aligned itself to. Apart from this the major issues which the company is facing and the tactics which have been designed by the management to overcome these issues will be discussed. The company and the stakeholder’s view of th e company will be seen speculated to comment or prescribe better ways to improve the performance of the company. In another part of this report the personal assessment of the company from the viewpoint of an individual who wishes to apply in the company for a job will be discussed. This discussion will include the complete analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats which the company may face and the complete analysis of the financial position of the company will be analyzed. The purpose would be to speculate the performance of the company and the future growth which the company plans to attain in the future. COMPANY OVERVIEW Lenovo Group Limited is a renowned name in the computer industry. It is a Chinese company with operations spread across the globe. The headquarters of the company is located in two countries. One is located in Beijing, China and another is at Morrisville, North Carolina. The registered office of the company is in Hong Kong, China. Lenov o is known across the globe for selling Tablet PC’s Servers Electronic storage devices Software’s Smart Phones etc. Lenovo was recognized as the second largest PC vendor for the year 2012. Its operations are spread across sixty companies of the globe with sales in more than 160 countries. The company was founded in 1984 in the capital city of China, Beijing and was incorporated in 1988 in Hong Kong. Lenovo is a listed company and is also considered as a â€Å"Red Chip† company. AN ANALYSIS OF THE INDUSTRY To analyze the computer industry in terms of the functions and the operations of the business the Porters Five Forces Analysis must be done. The components of the Porters

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